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Hive Happenings - Year in Review

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Hive Happenings-Fall Cookie Dough Fundraiser 2017

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Proposed Changes to the Bylaws

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Survey - 2017

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Welcome Back Bees!


The Bridgeway Island K-8 Elementary (BWI) Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a nonprofit whose mission is to enhance the educational experience, and the physical, social and emotional development of BWI students. Our primary purpose is to raise funds for educational materials, equipment, and field trips. It is our belief that through the collaboration of parents, teachers, and the community we can achieve the best possible learning environment for our students.

The Year in Review by Erica Lindley, PTO President


A Look at the Numbers


The 2017/2018 school year has been very prosperous for your PTO, with the total funds raised exceeding $37,000! That's over $7,000 more than our organization earned last year. Outstanding work and generosity Bees and Bee Parents!


In addition to our two main fundraisers grossing more than ever before, there were many and varied fundraisers adding to the earnings total, as well as financial donations received throughout the year. This spectacular number reflects your ever increasing support and commitment to the PTO mission and Bridgeway Island, for which we are all grateful. Below are some highlights.


In November, membership set the course for this year’s fundraising efforts, deciding that our main focus would be on Chromebooks in the classrooms. To this purpose, Jeffrey Albrecht and Michelle Alves submitted multiple grants and we have already received one check from the West Sacramento Foundation Grant – a grant we were not awarded last year – and are awaiting notification from another grant. In the May meeting, membership voted to purchase a Chromebook cart ($16,274 for 34 devices including a secure docking station), which should be ready for use on the first day of school in August.


Other notable spending highlights include approximately $7,000 towards field trips, $5,000 spent on 5th – 8th grade classroom libraries, and over $600 spent on Teacher Mini-Grants. We will carry forward a balance of over $22,000 for year 2018/2019, so if you would like to help decide how the these funds are spent on our school, please join us at general meetings and let your voice be heard. Meeting dates will be scheduled over the summer and announced at the start of the school year.


Time of Change


As the school year finishes and our students prepare to transition to their next grade, the PTO undergoes transition too. On behalf of all the parents, students, staff, and teachers, we say thank you to our outgoing officers Jeffrey Albrecht, Michelle Alves, and Deo Santos for the time they have dedicated to their duties as PTO Officers and the hours spent volunteering outside of these duties.


Pictured from left to right: Jeffrey Albrecht, Michelle Alves, and Doe Santos.



Luckily for the PTO and our school, transition doesn’t necessarily mean goodbye. We are pleased to report that Jeffrey Albrecht will continue to spearhead the movement for an outdoor classroom (a complicated and slow process), which has both teacher and member support, as well as continuing as one of the organization’s grant writers. Also, Michelle Alves has volunteered to once again co-chair the Fall Carnival committee and to continue as one of the organization’s grant writers. Charmaine Flansbaum has elected to transition from her role as Vice President to Treasurer for the coming year and will again co-chair the Fall Carnival committee. I will once again serve you as President, while searching to find a committed parent to succeed me in continuing to build a positive and welcoming organization, as I will be termed-out next year as President.


In addition to retaining these strong leaders, there will be some new leadership for the 2018/2019 school year. Joining the Board as Communications Officer is Samantha Janssen, a steadfast volunteer and major leader in the success of the 2017 and 2018 Spring Fundraisers. Joining the hive at Bridgeway and the PTO Board next year is Christy McKinney. Christy has served multiple years as a PTO Officer at Southport Elementary where her son previously attended and joins our organization as Secretary, bringing great experience and fresh insight to our growing network of members and volunteers.


Pictured from left to right: Erica Lindley, Charmaine Flansbaum, Christy McKinney, and Samantha Janssen.



Planning has begun for the coming school year with some members already signing up to take on important leadership roles. These roles, and others still left unfilled (yes, leadership opportunities abound!), are crucial to the success of the organization. Assisting as Fall Carnival co-chair is Yuliya Mundy, who has impressed all with her initiative, organization, and the ease in which she collaborates. Taking over the planning and execution of movie night is Melissa Stevens, a gregarious and fun-loving volunteer with seemingly endless energy. The role of T-shirt Fundraiser has been filled by Lisa Wells, a gifted graphic designer (have you seen our new logo?) and generous volunteer who has supported the organization in a professional capacity, as well as volunteering at movie nights and other events throughout the year.


Pictured from left to right:Yuliya Mundy, Melissa Stevens, and Lisa Wells.



The success of the PTO is directly related to the volunteers who assist, in whatever ways they are able, throughout the year. Thank you to Kevin Baldwin, Samantha Burr, Jamie and Trisha Butler, Angela Coburn, Ashley Dau Zovi, Cher and Morgan Ekasala, Daniel and Vanessa Gehringer, Gena Grefaldia, Jan Guting, Christy Holmes, Laura Ingram, David Janssen, Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez, Kristy Kloetzer, Sara MacLaughlin, Kimberly Mundhenk, Venessa Ricardez, DeAnn Ronning, Claudia Santos, Sharon Sargeant, Lori Schlunegger, Stacey Silvestre, Arianne Tremblay, and Amber Wallace.


And last but never least, we say thank you to the countless families who donated to fundraisers, made and delivered food for our teacher and staff appreciation lunches, and supported the hive this year in their unique ways. It is through the collaboration of parents, teachers, and the community that we achieve the best possible learning environment for our students. Go Bees!


Many thanks,


Erica Lindley

Your honored PTO President



Thank you!


The PTO would like to thank the families who attended the Summer Splash event, celebrating a fantastic year and ushering in summer.




  • Attend bi-monthly PTO meetings
  • Volunteer to plan and/or work at PTO events
  • Patronize businesses holding BWI fundraisers

To volunteer, please email the PTO at


Meetings will begin at 6 p.m. in the School Cafeteria.

Wednesday 9/13/17, First General PTO Meeting, 6:00-7:00

Wednesday 11/8/17, General PTO Meeting, 6:00-7:30

Wednesday 1/10/18, General PTO Meeting, 6:00-7:30

Wednesday 3/14/18, General PTO Meeting, 6:00-7:30

Wednesday 5/09/18, General PTO Meeting & ELECTIONS, 6:00-7:30


2017 - 2018 PTO EVENTS

Friday, 9/01/17 - Membership Mixer - Jackrabbit Brew Co., 5:30-9:00pm

Friday, 9/22/17 - Fall Carnival, 5:00-7:00pm

Monday 10/02/17 - Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Ends Mon, 10/16/17

Friday, 10/20/17 - Harry Potter Movie Night, Time 5:30pm

Monday, 11/13/17 - T-Shirt Fundraiser

Wednesday, 12/13/17 - Sponsored Holiday Craft Night

Friday, 2/02/18 - Despicable Me 3 Movie Night, Time 5:15pm

Saturday, 4/14/18 - Spring Fundraiser West Sacramento City Hall, 5:30pm

Friday, 5/04/18 - Coco Movie Night, Time 5:15pm

Saturday, 6/01/18 - End of the Year Potluck Party, Time 4pm-9pm


Family Night Out - Upcoming Restaurant Fundraisers 

Wednesday, 11/29/17 - Chipotle Restaurant Fundraiser

Wednesday, 12/20/17 - Panda Express Restaurant Fundraiser

Friday, 01/19/18 - Papa Murphy's Restaurant Fundraiser

Wednesday, 02/21/18 - Dickey's Restaurant Fundraiser

Stay tuned, more to come!



Nothing Posted



BWI PTO Calendar of Events

Today: 8/14/18

PTO Officers, Chairs & Committees

2018-2019 PTO Officers

President – Erica Lindley 
Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Charmaine Flansbaum
Secretary – Christy McKinney
Communications – Samantha Janssen


Chairs & Committees

After School Programs – Erica Lindley
BoxTops – Open
Cookie Dough Chair – Open
Faculty & Staff Appreciation – Open
Fall Carnival Co-Chairs – Michelle Alves, Charmaine Flansbaum & Yuliya Mundy
Grants – Jeffrey Albrecht & Michelle Alves
Incentives – Samantha Janssen
Movie Night Coordinator – Melissa Stevens
Passive Fundraising – Open
Restaurants – Open
Spring Fundraiser Co-Chairs – Michelle Alves & Yuliya Mundy
T-Shirt Fundraiser – Lisa Wells

2017-2018 PTO funding and/or support list

  • Collings Teen Center Backpack Giveaway
  • Faculty and staff welcome back lunch
  • K-8th grade field trips
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Arden Fair School Cents
  • Shoparoo
  • Amazon Smile
  • Restaurant nights out
  • After school programs
  • Jackrabbit Brewing Company Membership Mixer
  • Fall Carnival
  • Bee Run
  • Bridgeway Play Fall Festival booth with WUSD
  • Streets Pub & Grub Membership Mixer
  • Cookie dough fundraiser and incentives
  • Boys of October Haunted House
  • October Harry Potter movie night
  • T-shirt fundraiser
  • 5th-8th classroom library books
  • Growth mindset resource books (mini-grant)
  • Thanksgiving faculty and staff appreciation lunch
  • Lost & found rack
  • Holiday craft fair
  • West Sac Kids Give Back
  • Middle school December movie night
  • Kindergarten registration
  • February Despicable Me 3 movie night
  • Spring faculty and staff appreciation lunch
  • Out of the Box 10th Annual Food Drive
  • Spring Fundraiser
  • Out of the Box food packing event
  • 1st grade Mother’s Day craft supplies (mini-grant)
  • 5th grade wooden organization system (mini-grant)
  • May Coco movie night
  • Teacher Appreciation bouquets
  • Teacher Appreciation lunch
  • Teacher Appreciation classroom supplies
  • Teacher Appreciation and Classified Staff raffle
  • Day on the Green Otter Pops
  • PTO Summer Splash